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Disk Erase (complete all disk's surface sanitation) for HDDs, SSDs, USBs


Support for 24 international erase methods, including US DoD 5220.22 M


Supports verification, PDF Certificates & XML reports, emailing results, reports customization


Supports preliminary Disk Examination for bad sectors & Examine Grading


Displays and monitors health status for all disks based on a S.M.A.R.T. info


Disk sectors and volumes can be inspected on a low level in advanced Disk Viewer


Controls or stops erase process based on S.M.A.R.T. parameters and disk erase speed


Supports operations over group of disks (Batch operations)


Disk Cloning from different sources available after disk erase is complete


Automatic Mode allows to discover & erase hot-swappable disks automatically


Complete disk sanitation hardware box (no additional peripherals required)


Prints customizable Sticky Labels in different formats for HDDs/SSDs


Supports Command Line operations and Batch Mode (no user interaction required)


Disk Wipe sanitation of unused clusters on live volumes for most file systems


Ability to start from Bootable CD/DVD or LiveUSB and erase disks on any PC


Freeware or Demo product version provided for evaluation

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KillDisk Software KillDisk Desktop KillDisk Industrial

Number of disks for parallel erasing

Per # of licenses up to 5 5 to 100+

Type of hardware to install software to

Any PC Configured Box Storage Server

Software platform to install to

Windows Custom Linux Linux Mint

Usage in business type

Home to Large Small to Large Recyclers

Usage in different physical locations (PCs, offices, branches)

Per # of licenses Single location Single location

from $39.95/lic

from $1999/box

from $350

Secure Data Deletion with Active@ KillDisk

JUNE 22 2018, by Project Reboot

What happens when a client donates laptops and computers? Is the data securely wiped?

At the video blogger Nigel Tombs from Project Reboot uses Active@ KillDisk Professional with HMG IS5 Enhanced (3 pass + verify) and emails a bespoke Sanitisation Certificate.

Is KillDisk HIPAA compliant?

JUNE 13 2017, by LSOFT TEAM

Yes! KillDisk helps hundreds of healthcare professionals comply with HIPAA standards across the U.S. by providing data sanitation software to ensure secure health information. In accordance to HIPAA standards § 164.310 Physical safeguards, KillDisk provides healthcare organizations with the tools to sanitize data on storage devices prior to disposal or reuse, as well as documentation on the sanitation details in the form of KillDisk’s Certificate of Erasure to maintain accountability and records of secure data erasure.

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Active@ KillDisk and HIPAA

How to delete multiple drives with Active@ KillDisk?


If you have ever found yourself in the situation where you want to delete multiple drives, whether it is because of some confidential data that you want to get rid of or maybe some nasty virus has plagued your drives and you have no ways of removing it, then Active@ KillDisk might be the best solution for you. Active@ KillDisk is a data security application that permanently deletes any data on physical disk drives without any chance of recovering it.

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Active@ KillDisk Professional. Review


At some point in time all of come to a situation where privacy or business might be in danger of unwanted leaks. This does not to be a situation where you might be an outlaw running from the police, you are just might an ordinary person who wants sell his old HDD.

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To uninstall the software:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Navigate Programs & Features > Uninstall or change a program
  • Select Active@ KillDisk section and click Uninstall or just double click it
  • Click Yes to confirm uninstall process

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