File name tags

Sequence number

Sequential number, used for group (batch) processing.

{Sequence #}
{Sequence 0#}
{Sequence 00#}
{Sequence 000#}


Date file name tag uses current date in most cases in different formats:


Time name tags


Disk name tags

Values for these name tags retrieved from context device:

{Serial ID}
Disk serial number, retrieved from OS or from SMART attributes
{Platform ID}
Disk platform identification (may be vary due to OS format);
{Product ID}
Disk manufacturer id
Disk model name (if available);
Disk size in gigabytes
Disk size in sectors

Processing attributes

Disk processing attributes based on execution conditions:

Batch name, if part of a batch processing.
Label of disk bay (slot).
Overall completion status for group processing or separate disk processing status.