KillDisk installation and distribution

KillDisk Desktop distribution overview

Included in the KillDisk Desktop system are two distributions of the system: the hardware and the software distribution. Though the hardware distribution contains everything required for the system to be fully functional, the software distribution is also included as a recovery environment for quick and easy disaster recovery of the system.

Hardware distribution

KillDisk Desktop is distributed as a fully-configured hardware solution using the Thecus chassis - a robust multi-disk platform for disk erasure. Simply connect the system to power and the unit is ready to perform all Killdisk functions without any additional setup required.


Number of disk bay slots may very depending on exact Thecus model and configuration.

Software distribution

The distribution package contains a CD-ROM with a complete bootable image containing KillDisk that can be used to restore your installation to factory (default) settings. This may be used for crash recovery, system restoration or last resort option to repair the KillDisk Desktop system. Though you will not need this image when you initially receive the system, store it in a safe place for future use.

KillDisk Industrial distribution overview

KillDisk Industrial is distributed as a software solution. Simply install the application into your data erasure workstation environment and configure it to your system.