Disk examination options

KillDisk offers several different disk examination options, depending on user needs. Each examination type has its' own strengths and weaknesses, mainly tradeoffs between time and thoroughness. Any of the examination types can be performed on an entire disk, or a selected segment.

Examination options are required for disk integrity examination and optional for disk erasure but can be used to sort away faulty disk from following processing in sequence.

To examine disk integrity the following three algorithms are used:

Partial Examination
Examines a percentage of the disk, equally segmented in a selected area.
Partial Random Examination
Examines a set number of randomly distributed sections of the disk within the selected area.
Read Each Sector in Selected Area
Examines the entirety of a selected area, set for examination. Because this reads every sector in the selected area, this is the most lengthy, but thorough of the disk examination procedures.