Advanced data recovery systems

Advances in data recovery have been made such that data can be reclaimed in many cases from hard drives that have been wiped and disassembled. Security agencies use advanced applications to find cybercrime related evidence. Also there are established industrial spy agencies adopting sophisticated channel coding techniques such as PRML (Partial Response Maximum Likelihood), a technique used to reconstruct the data on magnetic disks. Other methods include the use of magnetic force microscopy and recovery of data based on patterns in erase bands.

Although there are very sophisticated data recovery systems available at a high price, data can easily be restored with the help of an off-the-shelf data recovery utility like Active@ File Recovery, making your erased confidential data quite accessible.

Using KillDisk for Industrial Systems, our powerful and compact utility, all data on your hard drive or removable device can be destroyed without the possibility of future recovery. After using KillDisk, disposal, recycling, selling or donating your storage device can be done with peace of mind.