Certificate preferences

These preferences allow the user to customize the erasure certificates with company specific information, technician information, and additional certificate options.

Company information

This section allows for the user to customize company features like:

Additionally, custom logos can be added by clicking Set and selecting an logo through the file explorer. The logo will be previewed in the Company logo space above.

Tip: It is recommended for better results to use company logo with resolution suitable for printing (300dpi) with a side not exceeding 300px.

Technician Information

This section allows for the user to customize company features like:

Certificate options

Save PDF certificate
Use this option to save erase certificate as file in PDF format to selected location.
File name template
Here you may specify the name template for the erase certificate. The main tags available are:
Table 1. File name template tags:
Available file name element: Tag:
Serial ID {Serial ID}
Erasure Status {Status}
Date of Erasure {Date(YYYY-MM-DD)}
Time of Erasure {Time(HH-mm-ss)}
To see additional file name tags available, see the File name tags section in the Appendix.
Include detailed information about chassis hardware

Ensures that the system-specific information is saved in the XML report, such as:

  • Operating system
  • Kernel version
  • Platform name
  • Device attributes
  • Disk geometry
  • Partitioning information
  • Active partitions
Create separate certificate for each disk for batch operations

By default batches are treated as one unit, so XML reports will include the report information for all the disks in a batch. This option allows for the user to create separate reports for each of the disks pertaining to a batch, so the disk records can be handled separately. This is useful when disk reports are required immediately for each disk; the batch does not need to complete before the report is issued.

Print options

Define options for erase certificate printing.

Default printer
Select printer to be used exclusively to print certificate
Always print certificate
Use this options to automatically print erase certificate right after erasure completed.
Skip print preview
Disable in-build system print preview dialog and print certificate immediately when requested.