Error handling preferences

This is an advanced preference that allows for the configuration of KillDisk's error handling of continuous processes.

Read/Write Error Handling

KillDisk allows you to select one of three ways to handle Read/Write Errors:

Abort entire disk group processing
This means that if you're running a batch erase and one of the disks has errors, the erase process for ALL the disks in the batch will be terminated.
Abort only failed disk from group processing
This is the suggested setting. Failed disks will return an error and terminate the erase process, but other disks in the batch will not be interrupted from completing the erase operation.
Ignore error for disk grouping
Ignores the read/write error and continues erasing wherever is possible on the disk. No active or forth going operations are terminated.
Number of Read/Write attempts
Sets the number of attempts KillDisk make to perform an operation when an error is encountered.
Sectors to skip after detection of a bad sector
Sets the number of sectors ignored by the software when bad sectors are found.
Do not show Read/Write error messages
Toggle whether or not read/write errors trigger messages to the user.
Use disk lock
Locks disks from being used by any other applications
Ignore disk lock errors
Errors encountered with KillDisk not being able to access locked disks are ignored.
Ignore read/write errors
Toggle whether errors should appear for read and/or write errors.