General preferences

The General preferences options allow the user to configure general application settings, as well as the visual aspects of the application.


These are configurable options pertaining to the applications user interface and user experience.

Use sound notifications
Toggles sound tones being used for notifying the user of the completion of a task, errors and notification during an operation.
Show notification dialog after process complete
Process complete dialog will be shown at the end of single or multiple disk processing, letting user print certificate, erase labels etc.
Toolbar style
Configures how icons are shown in the toolbar (Figures below).

Figure: Small icons no text

Figure: Large icons no text

Figure: Large icons with text

Default help source
If available, user can select help documentation source to be addressed when requested
Action after all processes complete
Select either no action or hibernate or shutdown system after all processes finished.
You will have 30 seconds to abort system hibernation or shutdown.
Automatically check for software updates
If this option set, application will check for a new updates during start.

Device control layout

These settings controls disk bay layout behavior in main Disk Explorer view

Device signaling delay, sec
When a process finishes, KillDisk displays a message, overlaying the disk. In the disk bays view This setting configures the delay of this notification when the process finishes.
Show row header
Show row headers in disk bay layout
Show removable devices in separate row
All removable devices will be shown in separate row (column) regardless of disk bay mapping.

Application log file settings

These settings apply to the log file, automatically generated by the application. Not to be confused with the erasure report or certificate. All operations performed in a KillDisk Data Center session will be saved in this log.

Log file location
Allows the user to specify where the application log file is saved. By default, this is set to KillDisk's root directory.
Erase log each time when application starts
This setting configures whether KillDisk generates a new log file for every session (erasing the log of the previous session), or appends new sessions to one log file.

Hexadecimal Viewer

Allows user to set hexadecimal view settings, font and interaction.

Hexadecimal offset
Toggles offset format between decimal and hexadecimal.
Show ASCII column
Toggles display content in ASCII format
Show UNICODE column
Toggles display content in UNICODE format
Bytes per line
Defines amount of bytes per line in binary display
Lines to scroll
Number of lines to scroll for a single mouse wheel sweep
Pages to scroll
Number of pages to skip for a single PageUp or PageDown click
Font name
Select any monospace font available for better experience
Font size
Font size to be used in binary view