Erase labels preferences

These preferences help you globally adjust label settings for the KillDisk system. These labels may be configured to any printer, page or label type using KillDisk's highly customizable labels features.

Label preview

Displays a preview of one label, given the current inputted settings. Refreshes as adjustments are made to the settings.

Page template

The print label dialog gives you access to a number of predefined standard templates and any custom templates you may create. These template may be easily selected without opening any additional dialogs and the details of the selected template will be displayed below the selection box. If your specific labels differ from any of the templates available, the button allows you to create a custom template with your own specifications. Additionally, the button allows you to modify an existing template and the button deletes the selected template.

Creating a new template

Upon clicking the button, the following template editor window will appear. Descriptions of the template editor options are listed below.

Template Title
Here you may create a custom title for your template. This is the name that will reference this template when selecting it in the Print Label dialog.
Here you may specify the dimensions of the page used to print the labels. This may be selected from the list of standard sizes, or defined using exact measurements.
Page margins
Here, page margins are defined for the top, bottom, left and right sides of the page.
Label Layout
These settings define how the labels appear on the page. You may define the spacing in between labels on the page and the dimensions of the label grid. Once you've put in the proper measurements, KillDisk will take care of the formatting.
Unit size
The units of measurement may be manipulated between millimeters, inches, pixels and points. If a value in entered in one measurement and the unit size is changed, the appropriate conversion will take place.

Print Start Position

The print start position section of the dialogue allows you to select what label on the page the labels start printing from. As you use labels, the labels won't always start from the 1x1 position, so you can adjust this setting accordingly.

Label Style and options

These option allow you to change the styling on the labels with the following options:

Label Title
Allows you to set a title to be printed in bold at the top of the labels. This can be company name, batch name or any other descriptors you may consider useful to identify the operation.
Add signature line
Toggling this on places a line at the bottom of the label for the technician to sign off on upon completion of the wipe.
Add certificate logo
Includes the logo used in the certificate as a watermark background of the label.

Print options

Define options for erase label printing, including special label printers line Brother QL-570 and others

Default printer
Select printer to be used exclusively to print erase labels.
Always print labels
Use this options to automatically print erase labels right after erasure completed.
Skip print preview
Disable in-build system print preview dialog and print labels immediately when requested.

Print output adjustments

The print output adjustments section of the dialogue allows you to vertically or horizontally displace the position measured in specific units of the print to adjust to different printers.

Print test label command will let you print erase label sample to verify your settings and selected layout attributes.