System Recovery - Reset to Factory Settings

This feature requires several hardware components, not included with the KillDisk Desktop system. Make sure these peripherals are properly connected to the system before proceeding:

This feature is built into the KillDisk Desktop system and may be accessed at any time to restore the system to original settings, erasing all user data, logs and configurations.

  1. Starting from a "Powered off" state, power on the KillDisk Desktop hardware unit.
  2. In the first few moments of launching the system, you will see the KillDisk boot menu. From the boot options, navigate to Restore to Factory Settings using the arrow keys on the keyboard and press the Enter key
  3. Follow the directions to reset the system to factory settings.
KillDisk Desktop should now be reset to its' initial settings. All prior user data is now erased and clean version of KillDisk is on the system.