System Recovery - Reinstallation with a bootable disk

This feature requires several hardware components, not included with the KillDisk Desktop system. Make sure these peripherals are properly connected to the system before proceeding:

KillDisk includes a CD that can be used to create a recovery CD or USB for the system. This process will re-install KillDisk on the system during disaster recovery or need for a reinstall.

  1. Run the KillDisk CD on the separate Windows machine. Launch it to access the Boot Disk Creator
  2. Insert the blank USB or connect the external CD peripheral with blank CD inserted
  3. Depending on Step 2, select the appropriate device in the Select Media Option list
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the Booable Disk creation process
  5. Boot KillDisk Desktop from the USB by inserting the USB device into the unit and powering it on
  6. Follow prompts to complete the recovery
KillDisk Desktop should now be reset to its' initial settings. All prior user data is now erased and clean version of KillDisk is on the system.