Erase certificate


KillDisk provides PDF certificates of erasure upon the completion of data erase operations. These certificates may be customized to include company-specific information and notes specific to the particular procedure. Configuring these custom settings is outlined in the Certificate Preferences section of this guide. A sample of the certificate is shown below:

Figure: Disk Erase Certificate.

Certificate Elements

Company Information
Displays all company information provided in the preferences. The user in the above example only provided their business name, but other company information may also be included in the certificate.
Technician Information
Displays the technician information provided in the preferences. Namely, this section is for the name of the operator and any notes they may want to include in the certificate report.
Erasure Results Information
Displays information pertaining to the erasure procedure conducted on the hard drive(s). Type of erasure algorithm, custom settings, date and time started and duration of the erasure are all listed here.
Uniquely identifies the disk that was operated on by the KillDisk application. Includes information like Name, Serial Number, Size and Partitioning Scheme.
System Information
Provides details on the system used to run KillDisk, such as the Operating System and architecture.
Note: The system information here only applies to the system running KillDisk, not the system that was erased by the application! Provided KillDisk remains on one workstation, this information will stay consistent with all systems that the workstation erases.