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KillDisk Desktop - Unboxing and Initial Setup

KillDisk Desktop Setup – Text Version

KillDisk Desktop Setup

Once you’ve ordered your KillDisk Desktop package, you can expect to receive the following:

The KillDisk Desktop unit comes packaged with everything you need to start erasing disks out of the box. Now I’ll show you what it comes with:

Now let’s set it up.

KillDisk Desktop. Basic Configuration Setup

Basic Configuration Setup:

The KillDisk Desktop is able to run in a basic configuration with just the unit connected to power. To set up KillDisk Desktop’s basic mode, simply connect the power connector cable to the back of the unit, plug the other end of the cable into power, and flip on the power switch.

Connecting Hard drives and erasing them with the LCD and button interface

From here, you can power on the unit, connect Hard drives and erase them with the LCD and button interface.

The basic configuration may also be connected to a printer to print certificates, without any additional peripherals.

We are prompted to enter our password

Complete configuration Setup

Though the KillDisk Desktop unit is powerful on its’ own, to access the full power of the station, you’ll want to add a few additional peripherals and access its’ graphical user interface. These peripherals include:

The setup for these is very simple.

KillDisk Desktop station can output video to either HDMI or VGA

The KillDisk Desktop station can output video to either HDMI or VGA. Use one of these ports to connect your monitor.

Next, connect your USB keyboard to and of the 4 USB ports on the back.

Likewise, connect a USB mouse to a different USB port.

As with the mouse and keyboard, the printer can also be connected to a third USB port.

Connecting up to two Ethernet cables to the ports

If you want access to a network (for internet or a local network), you may connect up to two Ethernet cables to the ports at the bottom right of the unit. A pair of LED indicators will start flashing if the unit is powered on and the network port is active.

Connecting the USB-B cable to the printer

Finally, connect the USB-B cable to the printer.

KillDesk system

Once these processes completed, the disk erasure certificate will automatically be printed by the connected printer.