KillDisk Installation and Distribution

KillDisk 11 distribution overview

After purchasing Active@ KillDisk license, you will be emailed a registration key and an installation file named KILLDISK-<VERSION>-SETUP.EXE . This file contains everything you need to get started - double click on the file and the installation wizard will take you through the setup process.

Figure: Installation file

Note: If you purchased the Ultimate version, you will receive the Windows executable file. To access the Linux installation files, install it on your Windows machine and navigate to the root directory of the application where you will find the Linux installation files. The path to the linux application will look something like: C:\Program Files\LSoft Technologies\Active@ KillDisk Ultimate 11\Linux\KillDisk_Linux_Installer.tar.gz

After installation, Active@ KillDisk still starts as FREE version (unregistered), you need to register it first to have all professional features activated.

Windows or Ultimate versions:

To install the application, double-click KILLDISK-SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

The installed application contains two main applications:

Linux versions:

To setup the application, make sure you found the Linux file, as mentioned in the note above. Double-click KillDisk_Linux_Installer.tar.gz in your Linux environment and unpack the archive to a proper location. To install, simply run the following command in the directory where the archive was unpacked:

sudo ./