Disk Wipe Options

The disk wipe procedure, like with the erase procedure, allows you to specify the erase method used, as well as a few additional wipe-specific options.

Figure: Wipe options dialog

Select entire disk
Entire surface of the disk will be wiped
Select all volumes
All volumes will be selected for the wipe operation
Select all unallocated space
Only unallocated space (unformatted, no drive letter) will be wiped
Select single partition
Select a specific partition to be wiped
Erase method
One of many internationally recognized erase methods supported by KillDisk.
Erase verification
Percentage of disk to be verified after disk was erased.
Wipe unused clusters
Erase areas of the hard drive that are not formatted and not currently used by the operating system (data has not been recently written there unless this is a recently deleted partition).
Wipe metadata and system files area

Erase areas of the disk containing information about previous files on the volume and prevents recovery of files using past records of them.

Wipe slack space in file clusters
Erase slack space within files. Files are allocated a set amount of space by the OS, in certain increments (depending on the file system). Because files are usually never exactly the size of the space allocated to them, there may be unused space within a file that may contain traces of data. This algorithm wipes this space to remove these data traces.