Version History

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Version History

Version Date Platform Changes
Industrial Software v.4 Feb 10, 2020 Windows
  • Barcodes & QR codes support for Certificates and Disk Labels for easy item tracking and reporting
  • Individual Disk Labels for any types of process with customizable content and presets for various tasks
  • Secure Erase feature for selective disks
  • Sound Notifications (customizable) to indicate process completion
  • HTTP Notification to report process completion by calling dedicated URL
  • Enhanced Certificates and Reports name patterns
  • Improved Erase Log: tracking erased disks by Order ID, records filtering, export to CSV and much more
  • Enhanced product stability working with damaged or unresponsive disks
  • Enhanced disk analysis for crucial information extraction (Serial number, SMART information etc)
  • Bug fixes and major performance improvements
KillDisk v.12 Oct 11, 2019 Windows
  • Added ability to print customizable disk labels with essential information about erased (wiped) disk
  • Sound notifications for process completion could be selected from a list of predefined tunes, user defined sounds could also be used
  • Certificates and reports: slightly re-designed for better user experience
  • Better Disk Serial Number detection algorithms, including serials for USB disks
  • Improved overall software stability working with failing, damaged or unstable disks
  • Boot Disk: WinPE upgraded to Windows 10 build 1903 base
  • Boot Disk: Now fully supports SATA & PCI-E NVMe M.2 disks
  • Boot Disk: Improved Boot Disk Creator and Utilities
Industrial Software v.3 May 23, 2019 Windows
  • New compact modes added for Industrial environment: Touch Mode & Kiosk Mode
  • Redesigned Disk Layout Editor allows in-place layout editing
  • Printing Labels for all actions including Disk Examine & Disk Clone
  • Reprinting Certificates, Reports and Labels from the Erase History
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
Industrial System v.2.1
Industrial Desktop v.2.1
Feb 23, 2019 Hardware
  • Custom Hardware solutions: Desktop (mini-tower) and System (3U or 4U form factor)
  • Includes pre-installed KillDisk Industrial Software v 2.1
  • Customizable number of hot-swap slots for HDD/SSD drives (support for 5 to 25 disks)
  • Trayless hot-swaps supporting standard 3.5 inch HDD & 2.5 inch SSD disks
  • Very quiet (low noise is a priority) and power efficient solution
  • Optional pre-configured system control center: wired touch-screen or wireless tablet
  • Optional pre-configured laser or label printers for printing certificates and disk labels
KillDisk Desktop v.2 Nov 26, 2018 Embeddded Linux
  • Added Disk Wipe, which sanitizes just deleted files and unallocated clusters
  • Added e-mail notifications and results delivery
  • Added detection and action control for bad/slow disks by read/write speed
  • Added SMART analysis while disk erasing and action control based on SMART
  • Added drivers for Dymo and Zebra label printers
  • Improved certificates: more details can be displayed, including SMART info
  • Disk Bays view can optionally display partitions and volumes
KillDisk Industrial v.2 Oct 19, 2018 Windows
  • Greatly improved Batch creation process: custom batches are available now
  • Added Local Devices view to show more details for disks
  • Added Erase History log, stored locally with filtering options
  • Added Log Export to the external databases, including reports and certificates
  • Added Disk Wipe, which sanitizes just deleted files and unallocated clusters
  • Added e-mail notifications and results delivery
  • Added detection and action control for bad/slow disks by read/write speed
  • Added SMART analysis while disk erasing and action control based on SMART
  • Improved Disk Clone interface and clone process stability
  • Improved certificates: more details can be displayed, including SMART info
  • Disk Bays view can optionally display partitions and volumes
KillDisk v.11.1 May 9, 2018 Windows
  • Erase confirmation dialog simplified & shrunk to fit lower video resolutions
  • Improved handling of certificates/reports for failed disks and email notifications
  • Boot Disk: WinPE upgraded to v.10.0.16299.15 (based on Windows 10 build 1709)
  • Boot Disk: Added customization - desktop shortcuts for custom tools & user menus can be created
  • Boot Disk: Customized settings can be saved to USB and restored on the next boot even on different systems
KillDisk v.11 Mar 1, 2018 MacOS First release of KillDisk version 11 for Apple OS X platform
KillDisk v.11 Oct 25, 2017 Windows
  • Completely redesigned and greatly improved user interface
  • Improved visualization of physical disks and erase processes
  • Improved handling of disks with controller malfunctions
  • Stable handling of hot-swappable and dynamic disks
  • Sound notifications for completed erase jobs with different results
  • Auto hibernate or shut down the system after all jobs are completed
  • Enhanced certificates and reports for disk erase and wipe
  • Advanced Disk Viewer with flexible Search for low-level disk inspection
  • Customizable file names for certificates & XML reports
  • Unique Computer ID can be displayed in certificates/reports
  • Disk health - S.M.A.R.T. information can be displayed and monitored
  • Customizable look & feel: four different application styles included
  • Ultimate: contains now complete Linux Installation (instead of zipped archive)
  • Boot Disk: added basic networking & mapping network share
  • Boot Disk: upgraded to WinPE 10 with all the latest drivers & packages
  • Console: now supports both 64-bit UEFI Secure Boot and legacy x64 or x86 BIOS boot
  • Console: Secure Erase - low level ATA command for hardware erasing (Ultimate package)
KillDisk Industrial v.1.7 Jun 16, 2017 Linux
  • Detecting and resetting hidden areas (HPA/DCO)
  • Support LVM/LDM virtual devices
  • Redesigned Preferences dialog
  • A lot of bug fixes and stability improvements
v.10.2 May 5, 2017 Windows
Boot Disk
  • Added Australian ISM-6.2.92 erase method
  • Added option to store logs, reports & certificates to removable storage (USB disks)
  • Added support for Linux\Unix XFS & JFS file systems, browsing and wipe
  • Added module for software updates\rollbacks
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • New security includes product activations
KillDisk Industrial v.1.6, KillDisk Desktop v.1.6 Jan 18, 2017 Linux
  • Implemented a new Australian ISM-6.2.92 erase method
  • Enhanced handling of disks with controller malfunctions
  • Improvements in disk controller layout mapping
  • Improvements and bug fixes
KillDisk Industrial v.1.5 Nov 17, 2016 Linux
  • Auto-erase disk bay attribute;
  • Separate printers assignment to print certificate and erase labels;
  • Auto-print certificates and erase labels when erase job is complete;
  • Auto hibernate or shutdown system after all jobs are completed;
  • Added Australian ISM-6.2.92 erase methodTerminate process on selected bays in batch processing;
  • Sound notifications for completed, terminated jobs or jobs completed with errors;
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
KillDisk Industrial v.1.3 Sep 20, 2016 Linux
  • Parallel erasing of 100+ disks
  • Supports U.S. DoD erasure & dozens more
  • Examines disks for bad sectors
  • SMART monitor, file browser & Hex Viewer
  • Prints certificates, labels & reports
  • Customizable layouts & Batch operations
  • Disks/images cloning after erasure
KillDisk Desktop v.1.3 Aug 8, 2016 Linux on Custom Hardware Box
  • Automatically erases up to 5 disks
  • Supports U.S. DoD erasure & dozens more
  • Examines disks for bad sectors
  • SMART monitor, file browser & Hex Viewer
  • Prints certificates, labels & reports
  • Full system control via buttons & LCM panel
v.10.1 Mar 25, 2016 Windows
  • Added option of excluding System Volumes from displaying under Local Devices
  • Improved plug'n'play performance under load
  • Improved Windows Logical Disk Manager (LDM) support for nested volumes
  • Added support for Linux/Unix XFS file system
  • Added support for Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) partitioning
  • Active@ LiveCD improved and switched to 64-bit (x64) architecture
v.10 Oct 14, 2015 Windows
  • Network shares mapping/reconnecting for storing logs & certificates
  • Detection, displaying and resetting disk hidden areas (HPA/DCO), erasing disk hidden zones
  • Improved Boot Disk Creator allows to initialize un-partitioned or damaged USB Flash disks
  • Active@ Boot Disk switched to WinPE 5.1 64-bit (x64), performs faster & optimizes RAM usage
  • Active@ Boot Disk: boots the latest UEFI Secure Boot systems & legacy BIOS MBR PC
  • Active@ LiveCD: new drivers & SMART monitor
v.9.2 Mar 17, 2015 Windows
  • Added progress display for the taskbar icon
  • Certificate display & save now available after first job completion
  • Improved handling of errors for failed hard disks
  • Professional versions: improved Active@ LiveCD & more drivers added
v.9.1 Nov 11, 2014 Windows
  • Improved parallel disks erasing performance
  • Added options to exclude removable or fixed disks from batches
  • Added option to stop erasing process after specific number of writing errors encountered
  • New device drivers added to BootDisk & LiveCD
  • Support for HP Smart Array Cards added to LiveCD & Console
  • Improved plug’n’play hardware detection & solved registration issues in Console
  • Added configuration of command line params & INI settings in ISOtoUSB for Console
v.9 May 28, 2014 Windows
  • New Ultimate package includes DOS, Windows, Linux & Console targets
  • New Linux packages contain 32-bit & 64-bit Linux & Console targets
  • Linux-based boot disk (LiveCD) supports UEFI secure boot on x86 & x64 systems
  • Improved Boot Disk Creator allows to setup command line parameters for KillDisk startup
  • Linux Console (text mode) boot disk is now included in Windows package
  • Redesigned and improved user interface
  • Added option to write fingerprint to the first disk sector
  • Comments for the erase session can be easily added to the certificate
  • Default logo can be removed from the certificate
  • Non-blocking erase mode allows to work in parallel erase/wipe sessions
  • Added new Department of Energy (DoE M 205.1-2) and Canadian CSEC ITSG-06 erase methods
  • Allowed to specify ASCII or HEX overwrite pattern for each pass in User Defined erase method
v.8 March 4, 2014 Console
  • The most compact and fastest disk eraser
  • Support true parallel erasing of several disks
  • Tiny (1.5MB) Linux Console stand-alone executable without of any dependencies
  • Includes ISO and USB boot disk creators for Windows & Linux hosts
  • Includes documentation
January 2, 2014 Windows
  • Added 64-bit executable to perform faster on x64 platforms
  • Latest Boot Disk Creator, including localization & memory testing options
  • Added log export option to XML format
  • Added return (exit) codes for executable running from command prompt
  • Added command line switch (-ns) to block user interaction while erase is in progress
  • Minor improvements...
August 1, 2013 Windows
  • Added 3 new NIST 800-88 erase methods
  • New application style: light colors scheme & new icons
  • Default method can be defined in INI file to get HDD serial
  • Certificate logo now can be added in JPEG format
  • Minor improvements...
March 20, 2013 Windows
  • PDF certificates can be attached to e-mail notifications
  • Improved Wipe for corrupted volumes (when disk integrity check fails)
  • E-mail notifications now have LOG files attached
  • New lightweight installer
  • Minor UI & Kernel improvements
  • Disk Serial Number (S/N) display problem fixed
  • Added Verify Disk S/N' Dialog - to change Disk Serial
  • Active@ Boot Disk Lite improvements:
    - Added pre-configuration of Network & Security features
    - Added WMI & Scripting support
    - Driver's Pack for Mass Storage, USB3 & Network devices
March 11, 2013 Windows
  • New lightweight installer
  • Disk Serial Number (S/N) problem fixed
  • New 'Verify Disk S/N' Dialog
  • Labels for toolbar buttons
  • Minor UI & Kernel improvements
7.0.1 November 7, 2012 Windows
  • Parallel erasing/wiping of several disks at the same time
  • Erase\wipe speed has been significantly increased
  • Support for previewing and wiping Apple HFS+ and exFAT
  • Custom Logo & Info can be embedded into erase/wipe certificate
  • Enhanced Certificate look and functionality
  • Notifications and reports can be sent by e-mail
  • Ability to send e-mail reports via pre-configured FREE SMTP account
  • Universal Boot Disk Creator for CD/DVD/USB for Windows & DOS
  • Professional version includes the latest Active@ Boot Disk 6 Lite
  • Settings stored in portable INI text file instead of local Registry
  • Save Log & Shutdown PC option after erase completed
  • Re-designed User Interface
Beta 7
November 2, 2012 Windows
  • Custom Certificate Look improved
  • Wipe/Erase disk lock problems resolved
  • Completed User Guide
  • Minor defects fixed
Beta 6
October 26, 2012 Windows
  • Improved wipe performance and disks locks
  • Improved execution under Boot Disk environment
  • Added ability to send e-mail reports via FREE SMTP account
  • Fixed Dynamic Disks (LDM) erasing errors
  • Fixed many UI and kernel bugs and defects
Beta 3
October 16, 2012 Windows
  • Added Shutdown PC option after erase completed
  • Improved Batch Mode and Log File functionality
  • Settings now stored in and can be loaded from INI file
  • Many Kernel & GUI fixes and improvements
Beta 2
October 3, 2012 Windows
  • Fixed:
    - Parallel erase speed increased
    - Wipe of file slack space and directories - speed increased
    - GUI defects fixed, Kernel updated
September 10, 2012 Windows
  • Parallel erasing/wiping of several disks
  • Support for wiping Apple HFS+ & Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4
  • Company Logo & Technician Info can be included into erase certificate
  • Notifications can be sent by e-mail
  • Re-designed User Interface
  • Existing customers may use version 6 registration keys to activate Pro edition features
6.0 March 14, 2012 Windows
  • New features: Erasing/Wiping Certificate can be displayed after completion for printing;
  • Erasing/Wiping Certificate can be saved as a PDF;
  • Progress bar improved to display current pass and overall status;
  • Progress now shows elapsed time and estimated time to completion;
  • If several drives are selected to be erased, queue progress is displayed;
  • Log filename and path can be specified in settings;
  • Log is improved to display details for each pass and verification;
  • Progress now shows elapsed time and estimated time to completion;
  • Session Log can be viewed while erasing/wiping is in progress;
  • Command line options added to support certificate and log file options.
5.5 August 23, 2011 Windows
  • New universal Boot Disk Creator for DOS and Windows for all types of media
  • Boot Disk Creator allows customizing bootable media features and boot options
  • Windows Boot Disk is based on Windows 7 SP1 and includes new drivers and utilities
  • Included Boot Disk for Windows documentation
  • New InstallShield-based installation
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in the software
5.2 May 01, 2010 Windows
  • The version supports 17 security standards from various countries including: Bruce Schneier's algorithm, Canadian OPS-II, DoD 5220.22 M, Gutmann's algorithm and many more.
4.1 March 07, 2007 Windows
  • New disk wipe function wipes out all unused space on existing drives, not touching existing data. Package now includes additional a real-mode application which is more compatible with different types of hardware and more compact in size.

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